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Dubai has become one of the best shopping paradises in the world and that is not without reason! Nowhere in the world you can find so many shopping centers as in Dubai. The biggest attraction has to be the largest mall in the world, the Dubai Mall.

The shops in Dubai are very diverse and almost every well-known international fashion brand is represented in one of the shopping malls in Dubai. Many of the larger fashion brands such as Rolex, Louis Vuitton, Armani, Dolce & Gabbana and Chanel can even be found at multiple locations. Those who love shopping can easily entertain themselves for days at one of the many shopping malls that the Emirate is rich in. Due to the extremely large supply of shops, there are even people who come to Dubai specifically to just shop.

Dubai is not expensive
Contrary to popular belief, Dubai is remarkably cheap, thanks to the mild tax climate in Dubai. Because there is almost no tax on products, the prices of many articles are quickly around 10 to 20 percent lower than elsewhere in the world. This is particularly noticeable with luxury items such as electronics, jewelery, watches and designer clothing. Items of foods in the supermarket are also cheaper that the rest of the wold because the taxes in Dubai are very low.

Souvenirs in Dubai
In addition to the luxury items, you can also find enough souvenirs in Dubai, for example the famous Arabian clothing, essential oils, incense, herbs, the traditional water pipes and hundreds of products with the landmarks of Dubai. These articles you can buy best in the smaller shops which are mainly found in the Bur Dubai and Deira districts. In the large shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall and Souk Madinat, the prices of these items are much higher.

The Nakheel Mall in Dubai

The shopping malls of Dubai

Shopping in Dubai can mainly done in the huge covered shopping centers in the city. Below we have made a short list of some famous shopping centers which you should not miss during your visit to Dubai! In addition to the enormous shopping malls, there are also various smaller shopping centers around the city, such as the Deira City Center shopping mall, the Wafi Mall, La Mer Beachfront, Al Seef at the Dubai Creek and the Dubai City Walk.

Dubai Mall
The biggest mall in Dubai, and also the biggest mall of the world, is the Dubai Mall. This shopping center is the largest in the world it has more than 1200 stores spread over 4 floors and a total floor area of more than half a million square meters. The range of shops in Dubai Mall consists mainly of well-known international chains and brands including Dior, Armani, Diesel, Versace, G-Star Raw and more. Visit to the Gold Souk on the ground floor where more than 200 jewelers sell their gold and jewelery. There are dozens of shops full of souvenirs, electronics, glasses, accessories, toys, delicacies, telephone, books and jewelery to be found in this major shopping center. And there is more! You can check all the information about the Dubai Mall and the location of this shopping center on our Dubai Mall page.

Mall of the Emirates
Before the Dubai Mall was launched, the Mall of the Emirates was the largest shopping mall in Dubai and the place to be for the local population. The Mall of the Emirates might seem small compared to the Dubai Mall with its more than 500 stores, he certainly is not!Spread over four floors there are more than 500 stores in the Mall of the Emirates with international brands in fashion, lifestyle, electronics and home furnishings. Besides the stores you can find around 100 restaurants & cafes in the mall.

Al lot of the famous international chains and fashion brands can be found in the shopping center. Besides shopping and eating, there are even more ways to spend your free time at the Mall of the Emirates. How about the largest indoor ski hall in the world, Ski Dubai? In Ski Dubai you will also find a snow fun park and you can cuddle and take a picture with the colony of penguins living here. You also have the opportunity to view a movie in one of the cinemas or play with your children in Magic Planet family entertainment hall. Click here for more information about the Mall of the Emirates.

Ibn Battuta Mall
The Ibn Battuta Mall shopping center is located far from the center of Dubai and is therefore less known to tourists. Nevertheless, a visit to this huge shopping center is recommended because of the beautiful layout of the shopping mall. The interior of the shopping center is inspired by the Arab explorer Ibn Battuta who has traveled to Andalusia, China, Egypt, India, Persia and Tunisia.

The Ibn Battuta Mall is divided into six different theme areas that reflect the six regions that Ibn Battuta has visited. Every theme zone is beautifully decorated so that many people do not visit the mall to go shopping, but purely to admire the interior. The shopping center has more than 400 stores and dozens of restaurants.

The Souk in de Dubai Mall

Souks in Dubai

If your completely done with the modern shopping malls full of luxury of if you want to experience the authentic way of shopping than you must have look in one of Dubai’s souks. A souk is a (covered) Arab market where mainly souvenirs, traditional clothing, jewelery and food can be found.

In Dubai there are several souks, of which the Gold Souk en the Spice Souk in Deira are the most famous. A number of newer souks have also been added, such as Souk Madinat and Souk al Bahar. In these modern souks, you will find modern clothing stores alternating with restaurants next to the souvenir shops. Please note that the prices in the new souks are almost always higher than the prices in the old traditional souks which can be found mainly around the Dubai Creek. In the souks it is usual to negotiate. To get a good price you can best start with gambling at 50% of the total price.

Dubai Shopping Festival

The best period to go shopping in Dubai is the second half of January until the beginning of February, during this period the annual shopping event “Dubai Shopping Festival” takes place. During this one-month festival, shopping is even more attractive than usual. Many stores have special promotions, extra discounts or even give away free items when buying a product. Almost all shopping centers such as the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates also organize special lotteries with luxury villas, holidays and even luxury sports cars as main prizes. During the festival, performances, activities, fireworks shows and parties are organized in and around the shopping centers.

The Dubai Shopping Festival has a huge attraction to residents of the Gulf region and that is reflected in the prices of the hotels, which often rise during this period. Also the valet parking of the various shopping centers during the Dubai Shopping Festival are often packed with luxury sports cars. Mainly the cars are from surrounding countries like Saudi Arabia, Oman, Qatar and Kuwait.


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