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A fun attraction for all ages is the Dubai Dolphinarium. This fully indoor dolphinarium is near Dubai Creek, close to the Al Garhoud Bridge. The dolphinarium hosts dolphin and seal shows two to three times daily in a 5000 square meter pool with seating for 1250 people.

Witness a variety of bird species performing overhead tricks at the exotic bird show. Encounter some of the ocean’s most entertaining and fascinating marine life while discovering more about the behavior of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions.

Step into the Dubai Dolphinarium and enter a world of dolphins, seals, and other marine creatures. Gain insights into the lives of these captivating aquatic mammals through engaging shows at this unique marine facility. Experience the Dolphin and Seal Show, the first and only in the UAE, featuring animal acrobatics that highlight marine conservation and the distinctive behaviors of bottlenose dolphins and sea lions.

Don’t miss the chance to attend the Exotic Bird Show and witness extraordinary feathered companions up close. From sun conures to Amazon parrots, cockatoos, hornbills, toucans, falcons, and more, this spectacle celebrates the diversity of the avian kingdom.

Exotic Parrot Show

In the dolphinarium, you’ll not only find dolphins and seals but also various exotic birds, including parrots. In total, there are over 20 different species of birds in the park. You can admire these birds up close during the Creek Park Exotic Bird Show. During this show, the birds fly low over your head, allowing you to admire them closely.

Admission Prices for Dubai Dolphinarium

For a visit to the dolphinarium, you naturally need a ticket. The ticket prices for the dolphinarium are reasonable. There are multiple tickets available, so choose the one that suits you best. Both providers may have slightly different prices, so be sure to compare and choose the most cost-effective option for you. Please note that prices may change over time.

Book your Dolphinarium Entry Ticket at the getyourguide website or at the website. Ticket price of this Entry Ticktet is 13,61 US Dollar per person 8,16 US Dollar for children in the age of 2 to 11 years. Experience amazing dolphin and seal performances and enjoy the unique species showcased at the exotic bird show. Please note that the various shows they offer can be booked for an additional fee. You can even book a VIP seat to enjoy the shows.

Creek Park Exotic Bird Show
Adults: 13,61 US Dollar
Children: 8,16 US Dollar

Dolphin and Seal Show
Adults: 24,51 US Dollar
Children: 13,61 US Dollar

Dolphin and Seal Show (VIP Seat)
Adults: 31,31 US Dollar
Children: 19,05 US Dollar

Bird Show & Dolphin-Seal Show Standard Seat
Adults: 38,11 US Dollar
Children: 20,42 US Dollar


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