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One thing you should not miss when you’re in Dubai is a visit to the souks in the old center of Dubai. A souk can best be compared to a covered traditional market where everything can be found. Besides the “normal” souk in Bur Dubai, Dubai also has a special Spice Souk where you can find almost all the spices of the world and the Gold Souk, a shopping street where you can almost only get gold and jewelery. Both souks are located in the commercial heart of Dubai’s business district in Deira, near the Dubai Creek in the old city center

Especially a visit to the Gold Souk will amaze you! This souk consists of a narrow street where dozens of large and small shops are located. You will find shop windows full of shiny jewelery, and in particular gold jewelery. An experience that you will not soon forget! Special is that there is very little security in the street.The shops do not have large fences in front of the windows or wide security guards at the door, all of which is not necessary in safe Dubai. A single patrol of the police is the only form of security in the Gold Souk.

Gold souk in Dubai

Gold everywhere

If you pay a visit to the gold souk, you will undoubtedly be approached by various sellers (mostly from Indian or Pakistani origin) who try to sell watches and t-shirts from famous brands. These are almost always counterfeit articles and you should take into account that it is not allowed to import these counterfeit goods into the European Union. So pay attention!

The Gold Souk and the other souks that are located around the Dubai gold market are open daily from 9 am to 10 pm. In the evenings when all streets are dark and only the lanterns shine, it is special to pay a visit to the old souks. All the jewelry behind the windows will shine on their best and gives you an enchanted feeling.

Your jewelry can finish every outfit completely. In this street you can enthusiastically shop for new jewelry. There is a very diverse range of gold jewelery for men and women. Yet jewelry is very personal, you wear it to feel special, gives you memories or to express your love to the other. It could just be there for you or your partner. If you buy your jewelry here, you have a lasting and valuable memory of your visit to Dubai.

Gold souk in Dubai

Excursie naar de Gold Souk en tocht met de watertaxi

Enjoy a unique half-day tour of Dubai, exploring the old quarters and some of the more traditional bazaars and souks. See Dubai from a unique perspective and learn about the city’s development at the Dubai Museum. During the tour, explore the traditional Bastakya district, visit the spice market and visit the gold souk. In addition, you will take a trip on a traditional water taxi and much more.

The five hour tour in the historical part of Dubai costs 38 dollar per person (11 years and older), for children between 2 and 11 years the tour wil cost you 24 dollar. You can easily book the tour online at the GetYourGuide website.

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how to get there

The Dubai Gold Souk can be reached by taking the metro to the Al Ras Metro station, from there it is only a few minutes walk to the souks. You can also make a trip with an abra, a traditional boat, over the Dubai Creek, this only costs 1 Dirham and is highly recommended. You can step up in Burj Dubai from where the abra takes you to the other side to the Old Deira Souq Station (Deira Old Souk Abra Station). From here is a short five minute walk to the Gold Souk.

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