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At the Dubai Creek, the well-known waterway in Dubai, lies the Dhow Wharfage, a fragment of nostalgia amidst the predominantly modern Dubai. In the Dhow Wharfage harbor, dozens of traditional dhows come and go daily, loading and unloading their goods in the traditional manner.

Walking around here feels like stepping back in time. You won’t find cranes or automated trucks here; instead, ships are mostly unloaded by hand, just like in the old days. On the quay, there’s an organized chaos where entire refrigerators, TVs, tires, large stacks of boxes, bags of rice, and even furniture are loaded and unloaded by hand. It’s a amusement to admire from a bench. Even hobby photographers can have a great time here, thanks to the colorful boats and unique scenes.

Dhow Wharfage Dubai

The traditional Dhow

The dhow is a classic wooden sailboat that has been used for centuries in the Gulf region as a cargo ship. Although dhows were primarily sailed by sails in the past, many of these boats are now equipped with engines. Despite the emergence of the modern port of Dubai, many traders continue to transport their goods via these traditional dhows. Especially for trade within the Gulf region, dhows remain an essential means. They are extensively used for transporting goods that have arrived by modern cargo ships from countries such as China and Singapore to surrounding countries and cities such as Oman, Abu Dhabi, India, Iraq, Iran, and Yemen.

Where is the Dhow Wharfage in Dubai?

The Dubai Dhow Wharfage is in the Deira district, along Baiyas Road, just north of the large Maktoum Bridge that spans the Dubai Creek. The harbor begins at the Hilton Dubai Creek hotel and extends all the way to the Maktoum Bridge.


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