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The Beach at JBR (Dubai Marina)

The Beatch at JBBR is located on JBR Beach, near The Walk and the Jumeirah Beach Residences. The beautifully landscaped entertainment area: The Beach. Here you can relax and enjoy the pleasant climate while enjoying a meal on the terrace of in one of the many restaurants. Take a view over the Persian Gulf, the beach and the largest Ferris wheel in the world which is currently under construction. You also can walk on the wide pedestrian promenade that runs along the beach.

The Beach project has a big catering industry and shops which lies around to the walking path that runs along the beach. There are also various public toilets, showers and changing cubicles. Here you can change for a day at the beach. For the sporty, there is also a running track and the outdoor fitness with various fitness equipment can be used. There are playgrounds for the children at various locations so you and the family can enjoy the time on The Beach.

All buildings in the atmospheric The Beach project are built of beautiful materials and are interspersed with large green strips, making it a pleasant location to stay during the day or in the cooler evenings. You can enjoy yourself on the beach during the day, take a dip in the sea and enjoy a snack and drink on one of the terraces of the restaurants in The Beach or on the nearby JBR The Walk boulevard.

JBR Beach in Dubai

Dining at The beach in Dubai

In the evenings you can also dine and stroll along the boulevard, shop in the many shops or just people watch on one of the terraces. If you choose your spot on the terrace, you can even take a look at the many luxury cars that pass here in the evenings.

If you want to dine with your family with young children, this restaurant is recommended. The setting makes this restaurant with an expressive character a pleasure for children. Hand-drawn artworks portray the story of Alice in Wonderland on the walls. For the children there is the opportunity to make beautiful drawings and they can even watch a movie in the magical movie room. Want to look up the exact place and openings hours, visit this website.

In The Beach area you will also find the first Real Madrid cafe. The Real Madrid Cafe is the only restaurant in the world to bear the official name of the Real Madrid football team. There is also the shop inside the restaurant that is currently the only shop outside Spain. You can read more information about the Real Madrid Cafe in The Beach on this page. More info about The Beach in Dubai can be found on the official website:

The Beach in Dubai

Beach rules in Dubai

If you lie down on the beach in Dubai, there are some rules that you must adhere to. For example, it is forbidden to walk or lie topless or naked on the beach. It is forbidden to swim in the sea after sunset. Taking pictures of people on the beach is also prohibited. Overview photos are often not a problem, but photographing people, especially women, is not allowed.

In terms of clothing, the beach does not differ much from that of a beach in the Netherlands or Spain. You see women with small bikinis or bathing suits and men with short and long swimming trunks. The only difference is that in Dubai you also see women with burkinis walking on the beach, while in Europe this only happens sporadically. Keep in mind that it is not appreciated in Dubai if you walk around outside the beach in your beachwear. Beachwear is for the beach only. For example, do you want to go to the boulevard, visit a shop or eat at a restaurant? Then put on a t-shirt, a dress or pants and a shirt.

How to get to the Beach at JBR

JBR Beach is located in the Dubai Marina district at the height of the Jumeirah Beach Residences. If you come by car you can follow the signs, JBR Beach, The Beach and/or Jumeirah Beach Residences are indicated in a large part of the signs in the Dubai Marina and on the highway. Or check the website of The Beach for a detailed route description. Keep in mind that the Dubai Marina, especially in the afternoons and weekends, can be very busy, so you can sometimes get stuck in traffic.

You can park in the parking garage of The beach which is located below the area. Parking costs 20 AED per hour, if you buy in The Beach for 100 AED or more you get the first three hours of parking for free. For this you need to have your parking ticket stamped in the store.

If you want to be dropped off at JBR Beach by taxi, it is best to say that you want to go to The Beach or the Hilton Jumeirah hotel. You will then be dropped off within walking distance of the beach.

Public transport
If you want to travel by public transport, it is best to take the Dubai Metro and get off at Dubai Marina / DMCC Metro Station (No. 23) or Jumeirah Lake Towers, also known as Sobha Realty Metro Station (No. 24). ). You can then walk the last part, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes, or you can take the Dubai Tram to JBR Beach. There are two stations of the Dubai Tram which stop at JBR Beach. Both Station 1 (Jumeirah Beach Residence 1) and Station 2 (Jumeirah Beach Residence 2) are within walking distance of JBR Beach / The Beach.


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