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The Laguna Waterpark is the newest water park in Dubai and is the third water park you can find in Dubai. It’s also the smallest of the three waterpark in the city. The Laguna Waterpark is located in the La Mer Dubai project on the shoreline near the former Jumeirah Public beach in the Jumeirah 1. Beside to the water park, you will find dozens of shops, restaurants and cafes in this project.

The Laguna Waterpark is divided into four different zones, a zone for surfing, a zone for sliding with various slides, a zone for splashing and a special zone to relax. Especially for children up to 4 years old there is a small children’s area with a splash pool. For children in the age from 4 to 12 years there is the AquaPlay Rainfortress.

Update: Due to the redevelopment of the La Mer area, the Laguna Waterpark has been closed indefinitely since March 2023.

The Laguna Waterpark in Dubai
Copyright image: Laguna Waterpark

Attractions in het water park

The highlight of the water park is the WaveOZ 180, also known as the ultimate surf machine. There are only three attractions such as this worldwide. This attraction allows you to surf on artificial waves in a 180 degree circle. Beside to the WaveOZ 180 you can also go to The Mantra water slides as an adrenalin enthusiast where you can experience weightlessness for a few seconds before you end up in the pool. The Free Fall, as the name suggests, you will be shot here in a free fall before you end up in the swimming pool under the slide.

Between the water attractions and swimming pools you can also find several restaurants in the park, including the Laguna Waterpark restaurant, a surf club and a restaurant with a rooftop terrace from where you get a magnificent view over the Arabian Gulf and the Dubai skyline. In addition to all water attractions, the water park also has its own private beach where you can for example rent cabanas to relax on the beach all day long.

The Laguna Waterpark in Dubai
Copyright image: Laguna Waterpark

Tickets for the Laguna Waterpark

At the Laguna Waterpark their are two types of entrance fee, a rate specialy for residents of Dubai and a rate for non-residents and tourists. As a tourist you pay 43 dollar per person (from 2 years). Dubai residents pay 99 dirhams when the tickets are booked online and 125 dirhams at the counter. Children under the age of two may enter for free under the supervision of an adult.

The tickets can be easily booked online at the GetYourGuide website or the Tiqets website. Payment can be made safely and quickly in Euro, dollar or Pound with PayPal or creditcard.

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Location of the Laguna Waterpark

The Laguna Waterpark is located in the La Mer area which is located in the Jumeirah 1 district on the site of the former Jumeirah Public Beach. This beach has disappeared when the construction of the artificial islands of the new Pearl Jumeirah project off the coast of Dubai began. La Mer is located next to the Dubai Marine Beach Club resort and between Pearl Jumeirah and Jumeirah Bay on an artificially constructed piece of land of no less than 1.24 million square meters of surface. The project is also nearby the Etihad Museum, the Jumeirah Mosque and the Dubai Water Canal.


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