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Located about 1.5 hours’ drive from downtown Dubai, nestled in the Al Hajar Mountains, is the Hatta Heritage Village. Covering around 40,000 square meters, this traditional village is a reproduction of an ancient mountain settlement, fully restored in 2001 using traditional materials to preserve its authenticity. While the precise origins of the village remain somewhat elusive, it is believed to trace back over 2000 years, offering visitors a genuine journey back through centuries.

Stepping into the Hatta Heritage Village, visitors encounter a rich tapestry of history amidst its 30 buildings. These structures include quaint shops offering souvenirs and traditional heritage items, a communal center, Barasti houses, various traditional farms, a freshwater canal, and an archaeological cemetery. Wanderers can explore original forts, glimpse the traditional attire of the village’s early inhabitants, or visit the 200-year-old Sharia mosque. Dominating the village’s landscape is a fort erected in 1896, accompanied by two towers that once safeguarded against intruders—testaments to Hatta’s defensive legacy, still standing today.

Moreover, the Hatta Heritage Village boasts an extensive array of traditional weaponry, ranging from rifles and daggers to swords and cannons, once employed in defense against external threats. Visitors can also marvel at an eclectic collection of household items, comprising furniture, pottery, jewelry, musical instruments, and traditional attire, offering glimpses into the daily lives of past inhabitants.

Hatta Heritage Village in Dubai

Hatta Rock Pool oase

Located about 12 kilometers from Hatta is the hidden Hatta Rock Pools oasis, a must-see attraction when visiting the Hatta Heritage Village. In the Hatta Rock Pools oasis, you have the opportunity to swim deep within the canyons and narrow passages of the Hajjar Mountains and amidst the stunning waterfalls in the turquoise blue water pools. Please note that the road from Hatta to these water pools is unpaved, and you need a good set of directions to find them. Directions can be obtained, among other places, at the Hatta Fort Hotel.

Opening Hours and Admission

The Hatta Heritage Village is open from Saturday to Thursday from 08:30 am to 08:30 pm and on Friday from 02:30 pm to 08:30 pm. Admission to the village is free.


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