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Wakeboarding in Dubai

For the adventurous travelers who like to do active things there is plenty to do in Dubai. Besides skiing in the largest covered ski hall in the world, skydiving at Skydive Dubai or swimming with dolphins, you can also go wakeboarding.

Wakeboarding is a combination of skiing and water skiing and is very fun to do. Especially when you are tired of water skiing, wakeboarding is an ideal activity. You start lying in the water behind the speedboat and as it starts to accelerate you come out of the water and it is up to you to stay on your wakeboard. This makes it a little more difficult than water skiing but whoever has mastered it never wants to go back to the water skis!

Whoever has mastered standing once can take a try with turning and jumping. It seems easier than it is but practice makes perfect! The waves that the boat causes are ideal for your jump. Start with the small waves first and as your self-confidence grows you can go higher and higher.

Dubai has excellent conditions for wakeboarding. The weather is always nice, the sun almost always appears and the seawater has a good temperature. Most wakeboard companies use the location between the Palm Island and the Dubai Marina to wakeboard. Here the conditions are ideal, because the Palm island stops the high waves of the sea, so the water here is always fairly flat. Ideal for learning wakeboarding! And those who can stay on their wakeboard once will be treated to a magnificent view of the Palm Jumeirah island and the skyline of the Dubai Marina.

Locations for wakeboarding in Dubai

Wakeboarding in Dubai goes to many locations per session of 15 minutes. This may seem short, but especially for the beginners, 15 minutes is more than enough. Wakeboarding is a heavy and intensive water sports where you use muscles that you normally do not use that often. Because of this, especially when you are not used to it, you get tired pretty quickly. And the next day you are often treated to delicious muscle pain.

Wakeboarding in Dubai can be done at different locations. Prices vary slightly between the various providers. We have listed them for your convenience.

Club Mina
Le Méridien Mina Seyahi Beach Resort & Marina, Umm Suqeim
Price for members: 105 AED (15 minutes)
Price for non-members: 150 AED (15 minutes)
Open daily from 9 am to 6 pm

Al Boom Diving
Al Aquah Fujairah
For the novice wakeboarders: 350 AED. This includes an introductory lesson and 30 minutes of wakeboarding.
For experienced wakeboarders: 200 AED
Open daily from 08:00 to 18:00

One & Only Royal Mirage
One & Only Royal Mirage, Umm Suqeim
150 AED per person

Xtremewake UAE
Stefano’s in the Dubai Marina
Here you have the possibility to rent a wakeboard boat. Is for the more advanced wakeboarders.
More info can be found at


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