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Stand-Up Paddling and kayak in Dubai

Stand up paddling a fast-growing sport it is fast increasing in popularity. It originated from surfing in Hawaii but now it can also be done in Dubai. This way you are active in sports and you see Dubai from a completely different perspective. The activity is for everyone, it is outdoors / healthy, it is a workout and it is a lot of fun. Supping is a complete workout, you train your buttocks, legs, back, shoulders and arms and it is intensive for your abs. This way all muscles are covered. You can make it of course as active as you want. You are doing this activity for circa 60 minutes. Of course, you will be guided, and the instructor will tell you all the details.

Stand-Up Paddling is almost always possible, and everyone can do it. The boards are long and wide, making them very stable and the technique is easy to learn. Once you have mastered it, you will never want anything else.

You also can choose for rent a Kayak. This is also for everyone available. Kayaking is moving through a kayak/ a small pointed boat. You paddle in a kayak with a double-leaf paddle. You paddle your paddle from the front to the back and so you move forward. You control the kayak yourself by paddling the paddle left and right through the water. So, take the chance to paddle along the canals, go for the waves and paddle along the beautiful shoreline and experience Dubai from a different perspective.

Stand up paddle in Dubai

Prices for Stand-Up Paddle Board or a Kayak

You can easily book your stap-up paddling or kayak trip online at the GetYourGuide website. Make a choise between the dates, time and activity. The trip ticket also includes an instructor and a life jacket. So, you will know exactly what to do with this activity and you will be assured of extra safety. You can already capture a sporting getaway when you visit Dubai. The ticket prices starts at 25 US dollar per person.

Meeting point to start is Seawake, Jumeirah Beach Residence Beach Walk (in front of the Ritz Carlton Hotel). The mentioned prices may have changed, for the current admission prices please refer to the website of the ticket seller.

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