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Near the Dubai Creek, in the Deira district is a special piece of Dubai. Here are the traditional souks where you literally go back in time. In the narrow streets of Deira, the stalls are close together and you are welcomed by a unique scent of herbs, spices and friendly vendors who are only too happy to talk you into their store. A visit to Dubai is therefore not complete without a visit to this area in the old part of Dubai!

One of the souks in this area of ​​Dubai is the Deira Spice Souk, also known as the spice Souk.In this souk you will look astonishe at the fragrant and colorful bags full of cinnamon, Arabic tea, incense, cloves, Safran and many other herbs and spices. You will not soon forget this colorful scene!

The chance that you leave the spice souk without buying anything is very small. Who can not resist the temptation, it is good to negotiate, because if you do not, you pay a high price! When you are back home you can conjure with your purchased herbs and spices. Add a nice herbal mixture at the right time and you turn your dish from something ordinary into something memorable. Pure nature and so full of flavor that salt and other additives become redundant.

Also a large part of the locals and chefs from various restaurants often come here to do their shopping for the preparation of their traditional Arabic and Asian dishes. The spice market is located in the Deira district, directly on Dubai Creek and only a few minutes walk from the Gold Souk, the other famous souk in this area of ​​Dubai.

the Spice Souk in Dubai

How to get to the Spice Souk in Dubai?

The easiest way to travel to the Spice Souk in Dubai is by using the Dubai metro. You can get off at the metro stop Al Ras Metro station, from here it is only a few minutes walk to the spice market in Deira district.

It is more fun to make a trip on the Dubai Creek with an abra, a traditional boat. This costs only 1 Dirham and is highly recommended. This way you get a unique look at this old part of Dubai. You can best get off in Burj Dubai from where the abra taxi takes you to the other side to the Old Deira Souq Station (Deira Old Souk Abra Station). From here is a 5 minute walk to the Spice Souk and the Gold Souk.


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