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Public transport in Dubai

The public transport system in Dubai is quite easily accessible for getting around Dubai and consists of buses, water buses, monorail, tram and the Dubai Metro. The city has an excellent network of bus connections with 79 bus lines and 1860 stops and the fully automatic metro traverse a large part of the city. If your destination is not near a metro, bus or tram station you can also grab a taxi to travel around Dubai. The taxi’s in Dubai are a relatively cheap way to travel and can bring you anywhere in the city.

The Nol Card in Dubai

The Nol card is a smart card that enables you to pay for the use of various public transport modes in Dubai with a single card. With the Nol Card you can travel in the metro, tram, bus and water taxi.

As a tourist the best Nol card to use is the red Nol chip card, which is valid for 90 days and can be charged up to 10 times. The red Nol Card can be used as a day ticket which gives you unlimited travel on all public transport in Dubai. The Nol tickets can be bought at all metro, tram and bus stations. Please note, the Nol cards are not for sale in the bus shelters or at the driver in the busses. For more information about the Nol Card in Dubai, check out the official Nol card website.

The NOL Card in Dubai

Plan a journey in Dubai

Do you want to plan a journey in Dubai with the metro, tram or bus? Then you can use the Wojhati website or the Wojhati Journey Planner app. This is the official route planner app of the RTA, the organization that arranges all public transport in Dubai. With the Wojhati Journey Planner app you can easily and quickly plan your route from A to B.

You can plan your journey easily online at the website of the RTA or download the Wojhati app on your smartphone. The download links of the various app stores such as the App store of Apple or the Google Play for Android phones can be found on this page.

Taxi in Dubai

The taxi in Dubai is the best way to travel around Dubai if your destination or depature point is not near a Metro stop. The taxi is also a nice way to travel around in Dubai when it is very hot. Sometimes walking in the sun and the heat can be can uncomfortable. The taxi is a nice solution to transport you comfortably around Dubai.Actually it is always nice to take the taxi in Dubai.

There are thousands of taxis in the city and all taxi companies are under the supervision of the government, so that the drivers meet strict requirements. Almost everywhere it is possible to keep a taxi within a few minutes, especially at the busy places like the shopping malls and tourist spots dozens of taxis can be found.

Metro station in Dubai

Metro in Dubai

Dubai has a modern metro system. The fully automatic metro system traverse a large part of the city. The metro in Dubai has two lines, a red and a green line. The red line has a total length of 52 kilometers and currently has 29 stations. The red line has some of the busiest stations in Dubai including the stations at the Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall, the Mall of the Emirates and the Dubai Marina station from where you can quickly walk to the Jumeirah Beach Walk. Good to know is that the metro has separate cabins specially for woman and children, men are not allow in these cabins.

Dubai Tram

Dubai also has a tram line that runs through a largest part of the Dubai Marina. Two stations of the Dubai Tram have a direct connection to the metro station DAMAC Properties and the Jumeirah Lake Towers. With this direct connection you can easily walk from the metro station to the tram station. The tram also stops at the monorail station that allows you to travel to the Atlantis hotel on Palm Jumeirah. Just like in the bus and metro you can pay with the Nol Card in the Dubai Tram.

Busses in Dubai

Dubai has a well-organized bus network of 119 internal bus lines. Most of the buses in Dubai are stopping at the tourist attractions in the city and the tram and metro stations. The buses in Dubai are very clean, modern and always air-conditioned.

Travel to Abu Dhabi from Dubai

If you are planning to visit Abu Dhabi from Dubai, we advise you to do this by bus. In about 2 hours the bus will take you to the nearby Emirate of Abu Dhabi. You can take the E100 bus at the Al Ghubaiba Bus Station or the E101 bus at the Ibn Battuta Bus Station, both of these buslines are travelling to the Abu Dhabi Central Bus Station.


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