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Jumeirah Beach (JBR Beach)

Jumeirah Beach, better known as JBR Beach. This is the most popular beach in Dubai and is located in the Dubai Marina. It is near the The Walk and Jumeirah Beach Residences, from which the beach gets its name. Thanks to its length of over 1.8 km, the beach is one of the largest beaches in Dubai. It starts at Skydive Dubai and continues to the Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort in the south.

The biggest part of the JBR beach is public and accessible to everyone. The beach is accessible 24 hours a day, seven days a week, but note that it is forbidden to go for a swim after sunset. However, there are a few stretches of beach, especially towards Skydive Dubai which are private beaches. Located among the resorts including the Le Meridien beach Resort & Spa and the Hilton Jumeirah. You can walk on these stretches of beach, but the sunbeds are exclusively for guests of the resorts.

JBR the beach in Dubai

View of the Ain Dubai and Palm Jumeirah

From the JBR beach you have a beautiful panoramic view of the Persian Gulf. The Persian Gulf with on one side in the distance the Palm Jumeirah island in the shape of a palm tree and on the other side you will see the Bluewaters Island with the Ain Dubai, the largest Ferris wheel of the world. And if you look back you can see the impressive skyline of the Dubai Marina with more than a hundred skyscrapers. At Skydive Dubai you can also see the tallest residential block in the world with some of the tallest residential towers in the world. The most striking tower of the group is without a doubt the Cayan Tower, which is easy to recognize thanks to its twisted shape.

The beach itself is quite wide everywhere and gradually slopes into the sea, making it a pleasant beach for everyone.
The beach is mainly known as a family beach because of the child-friendliness and the presence of a playground and playground equipment. However, a changeable current can be present in the water, so it is advisable to always pay close attention to the flags on the beach. A yellow flag means to watch out and a red flag does not recommend entering the water due to dangerous currents.

Jumeirah Beach Walk - The Walk Dubai

Facilities on the beach

The beach of JBR Beach has many facilities. This is mainly due to the shopping and entertainment area which is located directly on the beach and can be recognized by the name The Beach. Here you can enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in one of the many restaurants, shop in one of the boutiques or catch a movie in the cinema. Especially in the evenings it is always pleasantly busy here and thanks to the atmospheric construction of the green strips and the striking lighting, it is an attractive area to take a walk in the cooler evenings.

The beach also has good shower facilities, changing cubicles and toilets. It is possible to rent a lounger and / or umbrella for a fee. Various water sports activities can be booked at the stand, including parasailing, pedal boats, surfing, wakeboarding, flyboarding, jet skiing, kayaking and a banana ride behind a boat. On the beach itself you can exercise on one of the fitness equipment along the promenade or play volleyball at one of the volleyball courts on the beach.

Accessibility JBR Beach in Dubai

JBR Beach is located in the Dubai Marina district near the Jumeirah Beach Residences. If you come by car you can follow the signs, JBR Beach, The Beach and / or Jumeirah Beach Residences. It is indicated in a large part of the signs in the Dubai Marina and on the highway. Or check the website of The Beach for a detailed route description. Keep in mind that the Dubai Marina can be very busy, especially in the afternoons and weekends, which can sometimes lead to traffic jams.

You can park in the parking garage of The beach which is located under the area. Parking costs 20 AED per hour, if you shop for 100 AED or more in The Beach you get the first three hours of parking for free. For this you need to have your parking ticket stamped in the store.

CabIf you want to be dropped by taxi at the beach of JBR Beach, it is best to say that you want to go to The Beach or the Hilton Jumeirah hotel. You will then be dropped off within walking distance of the beach.

Public transport
If you want to travel by public transport, it is best to take the Dubai metro and get off at Dubai Marina metro stop (No. 23) or Jumeirah Lake Towers (No. 24). Then you can walk the last part, which takes about 10 to 15 minutes or you can travel to JBR Beach with the Dubai Tram. There are two stations of the Dubai Tram which stop at JBR Beach. Both Station 1 (Jumeirah Beach Residence 1) and Station 2 (Jumeirah Beach Residence 2) are within walking distance of JBR Beach / The Beach.

JBR the Beach in Dubai

Beach rules at JBR Beach

If you are going to lie on the beach of Dubai, there are some rules that you have to follow. It is forbidden to walk or lie topless or naked on the beach. It is forbidden to swim in the sea after sunset. Taking photos of people on the beach is also prohibited. Overview photos are often not a problem but photographing people and especially women is not allowed.

In terms of clothing. You can wear your swimwear any way you like. You see women with small bikinis or bathing suits and men with short and long swimming trunks. The only difference is that you also see women with burkinis walking on the beach in Dubai, while that happens only sporadically in Europe. Keep in mind that it is not appreciated in Dubai if you walk around with your beachwear outside the beach. Beachwear is only intended for the beach. For example, do you want to go on the boulevard, visit a store or eat somewhere at a restaurant? Then put on a t-shirt, dress or pants and shirt.

Beaches in Dubai

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