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Food courts in the shopping malls

The so-called Food courts can be found in a many shopping centers in Dubai. The Dubai Mall even has several food courts. A food court is a large space where various restaurants and the well-known fast food chains can be found together. It is useful if you want to eat something quickly. For a pleasant evening dinner you are at the wrong place at the food courts. The food courts are often a busy spot with people (and playing children) who just want to eat a (fast food) meal quickly. In this food court everyone can choose their own menu from the different restaurants. There must be something to eat for everyone’s taste. Pleasant is that you and your friends / family can eat the chosen meals at the table you want.

In the food courts in Dubai you can find almost all major well-known fast food chains. You can think about; Pizza Hut, Burger King, McDonald’s, Subway and Kentucky Fried Chicken. Also the more local restaurants can be found, where various Indian, Japanese or Italian dishes are served.

Food courts in the malls around Dubai

Almost every shopping mall in Dubai has its own food court where you can go for a quick bite or snack.
Below we have listed the links of a number of popular shopping centers for you:
– Food court Dubai Mall:
Food court Mall of the emirates
Dubai Marina Mall food court
Food court Ibn Battuta Mall
Food court Wafi Mall

Food prices of the food courts in Dubai

The prices of a medium menu at the McDonald’s are around 5,50 US Dollar and for 15,50 US Dollar per person you can already eat well at a pizzeria in one of the food courts. Keep in mind that there is little to no pork available in the restaurants in Dubai. All the meat and other dishes are halal.

The food courts in Dubai are especially suitable for a quick bite, if you want to go out for a quiet meal or are looking for a romantic location for dinner with your partner, then you better avoid the food courts. It is often very busy here with a lot of children who provide the necessary noise.


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