The Ferrari World amusement park is located just outside of Abu Dhabi, just a short 1,5 hour away from the center of Dubai. This theme park is completely dedicated to the famous sports car brand from the Italian village of Maranello.

With 86 thousand square meters, or twelve football fields, Ferrari World is the largest indoor amusement park in the world. The amusement park is not only striking because of its size and attractions with Ferrari’s, also the bright red roof with a Ferrari logo of 65 x 48 meters provides the necessary publicity in the region. The amusement park is located on the artificial Yas Marina island and is located directly at the Yas Marina Circuit where every year Formula 1 is a guest for the great prize of Abu Dhabi. The amusement park is connected with the Yas Mall, with over 350 stores the largest shopping center in Abu Dhabi.

De Turbo Drop attractie in het Ferrari World Abu Dhabi pretpark
Copyright image: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi


For young and old there are a many of attractions to be found in the indoor amusement park and all have one thing in common, Ferrari is central. Ferrari World has, the fastest launched roller coaster in the world called “Formula Rossa”. This roller coaster reaches a speed of 240 km/h and a maximum height of 52 meters within 4 seconds. During a ride in this roller coaster you will be exposed to the G-forces that pilots of F16 aircraft experience. Because of this, you get a free pair of glasses when you take a ride in this attraction.

Next to the Formula Rossa there also are 20 small attractions aimed at fans of the brand from Italy. There is also plenty to do for small children, such as the Junior Pilotas where children can crawl behind the wheel of a pedal go-kart, of course in the form of a Ferrari model. Just enough of all the action? Then you can shop in one of the souvenir shops or enjoy an Italian meal in one of the restaurants in the amusement park.

An added roller coaster is the Flying Ace. Can it get even crazier? Of course that’s possible. This roller coaster can win a world record, that of the steepest roller coaster in the world. The climb of the roller coaster will be as much as 51 percent. Then the roller coaster will be released on the route. Also you make whit this ride the largest loop of the world which is 52 meters long. A special experience for the heroes who dare to experience this adventure

Speedway Racer in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Copyright image: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

Tickets for Ferrari World

You can book your Ferrari World Abu Dhabi tickets online at the Tiqets website, the GetYourGuide website or at the cash desk. Children under the age of 3 can enter for free. You can easily pay online and you get the tickets within 24 hours in your mailbox so you do not have to wait in line before the checkout.

Ferrari World tickets are available for 80 dollar per person. You can easily pre-book your tickets at the GetYourGuide website or at the website. The mentioned prices may have changed, for the current admission prices please refer to the website of the ticket seller.

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Ferrari World tickets with transfer from Dubai

Do you want to visit Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi but you don’t have a car or you don’t want to travel with the public transfer? Then you can buy special tickets for Ferrari World including a transfer to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi. The tickets including a transfer from Dubai or Abu Dhabi costs 142 dollars per person and can be booked online at the GetYourGuide website.

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Ferrari World tickets and Yas Waterworld or Warner Bros World

Do you not only want to visit the Ferrari World theme park but also the Yas Waterworld water park or the Warner Bros World theme park? With a combination ticket for two of these park you can choose which parks it will be. This gives you the opportunity to meet your superheroes Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman or one of the other famous superheroes in Warner Bros Wold. In the Yas Waterworld waterpark you slide through the fantastic slides and you can swim or make a dive. The Ferrari Wold offers you crazy roller coasters with a world full of Ferrari’s for real car enthusiasts. Which parks you choose is guaranteed fun for everyone.

You can book an advantageous combi ticket at where you can visit two of the three parks. You can choose from a 1 day ticket for 2 parks or a 2 day ticket for 2 parks. The combi ticket costs 91 dollars per person for 1 day, a ticket for 2 days costs 118,50 dollars per person. That is very advantageous if you consider that a ticket for Ferrari World or Warner Bros. World costs 80  dollars each. Click here to book the advantageous combi ticket online. The mentioned prices may have changed, for the current admission prices please refer to the website of the ticket seller.

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Formula Rossa in Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
Copyright image: Ferrari World Abu Dhabi

How to get there

If you want to travel by bus from Dubai to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi, it is best to take the RTA bus to Abu Dhabi (E100 / E102 – Abu Dhabi) which departs from the main bus station, Al Ghubaiba Bus Station. The disadvantage of this station is that it can sometimes be very busy because it is located in the working-class district of Dubai where many Indians & Pakistanis work who often travel by public transport. This sometimes causes long queues for the buses. Especially on Thursday, the day before the weekend, it can be quite busy at this station.

There is also a bus (bus nr E101, click here for map) direction Abu Dhabi from the bus station Ibn Battuta. This bus station is near the shopping center Ibn Battuta and the same named metro station. This station is a lot quieter than the Al Garhoud station because it is located on the edge of Dubai far from the working-class districts of Dubai. The buses to Abu Dhabi leave every 20 to 30 minutes, the same money for the return journey. A return ticket Dubai Abu Dhabi by bus costs about 10 to 15 dollar per person, if you consider that this ride is about 200 km then that is very cheap. More info about the buses in Dubai can be found at the website

Yas Express
It is also possible to travel with the Yas Express to and from Ferrari World. The Yas Express buses run daily from 9:00 in the morning to 9:00 in the evening. Look for more information about the costs, times and routes of the Yas Express on this website.

Big Bus Abu Dhabi
If you have a ticket for the Big Bus Abu Dhabi tour then you can also get off at Ferrari World with this bus. The purple route “Yas Island Drive” passes the Ferrari amusement park in Abu Dhabi.

Opening hours Ferrari World Abu Dhabi
The Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi is open every day of the week:
Monday : open from 11 am to 8 pm.
Tuesday : open from 11 am to 8 pm.
Wednesday : open from 11 am to 8 pm.
Thursday : open from 11 am to 10 pm.
Friday : open from 11 am to 10 pm.
Saturday: open from 11 am to 10 pm.
Sunday : open from 11 am to 8 pm.

Those who want to buy something in the Ferrari store can go to the park a little earlier, the store opens its doors 45 minutes before the park does this, on Thursday, Friday and Saturday the store closes at 20:00 while the park is open for another two hours. is.

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