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Emirates Palace Mandarin Oriental Abu Dhabi Hotel

At the end of the Corniche Road is the immense Emirates Palace hotel complex. This hotel is the most luxurious hotel in all of Abu Dhabi and is worth a visit. The hotel is partially open to the public, unlike many other luxury hotels of this caliber. It is recommended to visit the hotel just before sunset, so you can first enjoy the splendor in the daylight and after sunset you can enjoy the fountains and the domes, which are all beautifully lit.

At $3 billion, the Emirates Palace hotel is rumored to be one of the most expensive hotels ever in terms of construction costs. You’ll believe that when you come face to face with this massive building. Built like an Arab palace, the hotel’s 100 hectares of private land include beautiful green gardens, huge fountains, swimming pools, multiple helicopter landing pads and a 1.3 km long sandy beach.

The interior of the Emirates palace in Abu Dhabi

The most luxurious hotel in Abu Dhabi

Opened in 2005, the hotel has 114 domes, including the imposing 72-meter high central dome. The ceilings of the hotel are richly decorated with 1002 chandeliers. The largest chandelier weighs 2.5 tons. Only the best and most luxurious materials have been used in the interior, which ensures a high “bling-bling level”. You will find large amounts of gold, marble, crystal and mosaics, two handmade carpets that weigh more than 1 ton each and an enormous collection of antiques which can be admired in the central corridors. If you are interested in these antique items, many of the items are for sale, but keep in mind sky-high prices.

The 394 rooms and suites are also fully equipped and richly decorated with marble and gold. As a guest of the Emirates Palace, you will not be short of anything! An overnight stay in the low season costs at least a few hundred euro per night, per person. Those who would like to book the presidential Suite will have to dig deep into their pockets, this room costs more than 5,000 euro per night! The Palace Suite included 3 bedrooms is available for 20.480 euro per person. Pure luxury will meet you here.

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