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Dubai Safari Park a gigantic park where you can enjoy hundreds of wild animals from all over the world. The park is divided into four different areas: Africa, Asia, an Arab Village and an open safari area with a wadi including waterfall. In the various areas special locations have been built for tigers, lions, monkeys, elephants and reptiles. All areas have been build as naturally as possible so that they correspond whit the natural habitat of the animals.

During a visit to Safaripark you will never be bored. Go on a safari through the beautiful nature, discover the various safari routes and come face to face with wild animals! During the walking safari you will go on your way through the impressive nature. The route is suitable for young and old. Children can climb on the play equipment during the route. And an always fun game for children en adults is: find the animal. By the signs along the route you will learn more about the living and eating behavior of the animals. You learn fun and exciting facts about the wild animals while enjoying the purity, strength and beauty of nature. You can escape in this park from the hectic of the city. Here you stimulate your senses and discover together what nature has to offer. Just relax and enjoy the vast nature!

Dubai Safari Park map

The existing Dubai Zoo zoo on the Jumeirah Road has closed its doors after the opening of the Dubai Safari Park. The animals that lived in Dubai Zoo at that time have all moved to the brand new safari park. At the opening, the safari park accommodated more than 3500 animals on no less than 119 hectares of land. That number of animals will continue to increase considerably in the years after the opening.

The Dubai Safari Park has invested in environmentally friendly measures in several ways.The park generates a large part of its energy with the environmentally friendly solar panels. The water is recycled as much as possible and the waste is also separated and, where possible, recycled.

The project is located on the Al Aweer Road opposite the Dragonmart near the Mushrif Park and International City about 20 kilometers from Downtown Dubai. Around the safari park there will be a total of 1600 parking places which will be expanded to 3600 parking places over the years.

Dubai Safari Park in Dubai

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Tickets Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park consists of four different parts for which you can buy a separate ticket, but you can also opt for the all-access pass that gives you a full day access to all four parts of the safari park.

You can book a ticket for one of the sections: the Asian, African, Arabian and Safari Village. A ticket for one section for adults: 50 dirhams. A ticket for one section for children will cost you 20 dirhams. Do you want an all-access pass that allows you to visit all four areas of the park? A ticket for the entire park for adults will cost you 85 dirham and a ticket for the entire park for children is 30 dirham . The entrance for children under 3 years and people over 60 years is free.

The mentioned prices may have changed, for the current admission prices please refer to the website of the ticket seller. Tickets for the Dubai Safari Park can be booked online at the Tiqets website.

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Location Dubai Safari Park

The Dubai Safari Park is located on Al Aweer Road a few hundred meters from the Dragonmart near the Mushrif Park and International City about 20 kilometers from Downtown Dubai. Around the safari park a total of 3600 parking spaces can be found so that there is always enough space to park.

There are currently no buses to the park, so you can only come by taxi or with your own transport. Or you can take the bus to the nearby Dragonmart and from here take a taxi to the safari park.

The park will open its doors for the 2020/2021 winter season on Monday, October 5, 2020. A closing date has not yet been announced.


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