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The Dubai Garden Glow is one of the largest illuminated theme parks in the world and is open every winter season from early November to late April. In fact, the Dubai Garden Glow consists of two different parks, the Dubai Garden Glow with dozens of illuminated works of art and the Dino Park where you can admire dozens of different moving dinosaurs. Your 60 dirham ticket gives access to both the Dubai Garden Glow and Dino Park.

The Dubai Garden Glow can be found in the Zabeel Park where the Dubai Frame is also located and covers more than 24 hectares. In total there are almost 40 different illuminated works of art in the park, created by 150 different artists. The artworks have a global theme of the underwater world, nature and the environment. In total, more than 200,000 man-hours went into the construction of all illuminated works of art and four million energy-efficient lights were used for all works of art in the park.
Every year there is a special theme, which means that the park contains a lot of displays with animals, trees and flowers, which alternate with other theme areas such as Panda Paradise, Candy Land and an Arabian zone with illuminated camels and palm trees.

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Dubai Garden Glow Dino Park

Dubai Garden Glow opens its doors at 4pm but it is only really worth visiting the park after the sun has set. Then all the works of art, flowers and plants really come to life thanks to the thousands of meters of LED lights and many tens of thousands of lights. After sunset the park becomes one big light show that you can walk through and is a must-see during your holiday in Dubai.

In recent years, the Dubai Garden Glow has been expanded with a large dinosaur park where, beside to a dinosaur museum, you can admire more than 120 moving dinosaurs of all shapes and sizes. The dinosaur park is divided into three periods, the Triassic, Jurassic and Cretaceous zones where you can come face to face with lifelike and moving dinosaurs.

Next to the dino park, the Dubai Garden glow also includes the Magical Nights and the Happy Forrest areas. Here you can admire illuminated dinosaur sculptures that alternate with light and laser shows.

There is also a #mydubai art light show and an Underwater Wonderland especially for children. If all those lights have made you hungry, you can go to one of the food trucks in the Dubai Garden Glow.

Visit the Dubai Garden Glow

Dubai Garden Glow Ice Park

Dubai Garden Glow not only has a dinosaur park, you can also admire real ice sculptures in the Ice Park. In the Ice Park it is always 8 degrees below zero and there are dozens of beautiful ice sculptures. You don’t have to worry about catching a cold in the Ice Park, you will be given a nice warm coat upon arrival.

150 artists have managed to transform more than 5,000 tons of ice into many ice sculptures. In the icy building you will find ice sculptures of the Burj Khalifa, the Burj al Arab, the Sheikh Zayed Mosque, characters from the film Ice Age, camels and dinosaurs. And as a masterpiece in the Ice Park you will also find a scale model of Dubai International Airport including an Airbus A380 from Emirates.

An amazing light show in Dubai

When the sun has set, the Dubai Glow Garden turns into one big light show. One of the attractions this season is the Burj Khalifa and The Glow Park. The replica of the Burj Khalifa has more than 400,000 LED lights which provide a striking light show. In Dubai Garden Glow you will also find an underwater world, a Glowing Safari with all kinds of illuminated animals, a happy forest full of colored trees and shrubs, hot air balloons with lights and luminous jellyfish. New this year is a huge work of art made from 500,000 recycled materials.

There are illuminated works of art that have been created especially for children, including the talking tree, a replica of Cinderella’s carriage, the mushroom forest, a butterfly garden and a Animal Kingdom. There is a special surprise in the park for Dutch people, because they have made a replica of the famous tulip fields and windmills. Among the many works of art, live performances and shows are regularly given in the park by both national and international artists, acrobats and actors.

All works of art in the park have one thing in common: they are all made from recycled material. The organizers of this special event are trying to make it clear to people that it is important to separate waste as best as possible so that it can be reused. All this to reduce our CO2 footprint and thus reduce global warming.

Garden Glow in Dubai

Tickets Garden Glow Dubai

The entrance fee to the Dubai Glow Garden is 21 US Dollar per person, children under three years old are free. You can easily buy your tickets for the Dubai Garden Glow online at the GetYourGuide website or at the Viator website. It is also possible to book a ticket including transfer at this website. The cost of the entrance ticket including transfer is 33 US Dollar per person.

Do you also want to go to the new Ice Park? Then you pay 45 dirhams extra per person. Children under three years old, disabled people and 60+ can enter for free. You can order your tickets in advance via the Dubai Garden Glow website or simply at the box office at the entrance to the park.

The park is open daily from 4:00 PM to 11:00 PM, on Thursdays and Fridays the park is open until midnight. The ticket office at the entrance to Dubai Garden Glow closes at 10:15 PM on all days except Friday, on Thursdays and Fridays the box office closes at 11:00 PM.

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Garden Glow in Dubai

How do I get to the Dubai Garden Glow?

Dubai Garden Glow is located in Zone B of Zabeel Park near Al Jafliya Metro Station 1 and Dubai World Trade Center stations. Both metro stops are on the Red Line of the Dubai Metro. From the metro station you can walk to the Dubai Garden Glow or take a taxi, the taxi is the fastest option because it takes about fifteen minutes on foot.

If you prefer to walk from the metro station, it is about a fifteen-minute walk to the Dubai Glow Garden. It is best to get off at the Dubai World Trade Center metro stop. There is a highway between the Al Jafliya metro stop and Zabeel Park. This highway is only to cross by a tunnel which is some distance from the metro stop, so it is better to walk from the Dubai World Trade Center metro stop to Zabeel Park. Dubai Garden Glow is only accessible via Gates 6 and 7 of Zabeel Park, where you will also find the ticket counter here you can buy tickets or you show your voucher.


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