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Dubai is full of attractions that take you to enormous heights and offer stunning views of the city skyline. You can view Dubai from the air from the popular viewpoint in the tallest building in the world, the Burj Khalifa. View the old part of Dubai from the air from the Dubai Frame or view the Burj Khalifa from Sky Views Dubai in Downtown Dubai.

You can also admire the unique and world-famous Palm Jumeirah island from above thanks to the Dubai Balloon at Atlantis. This attraction is at the Atlantis the Palm hotel on the tip of the Palm Jumeirah island. At the Dubai Balloon you don’t take an elevator like the other viewpoints that takes you to a great height, but you step into a hot air balloon and have a breath-taking experience. The Dubai Balloon is not a real balloon ride. The helium-filled hot air balloon is attached to the ground on the beach at the Aquaventure water park. By a sturdy cable it only goes up and down. There is room for a total of 30 guests per time.

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Dubai Ballon at Atlantis
Copyright image: The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis

See Palm Jumeirah from 300 meters above sea level

The Dubai Balloon rises to a maximum of 300 meters, the exact height depends on the weather. In strong winds the balloon will not rise as high. To give you an impression of how high 300 meters is, that is the height of a skyscraper of about 100 floors.

From a height of 300 meters you have an amazing view of the Palm Jumeirah island and the skyline of the Dubai Marina, with the largest Ferris wheel in the world, the Ain Dubai. You will see the art line of Dubai with the iconic and super-deluxe Burj Al Arab hotel with the futuristic Jumeirah Marsa Al Arab hotel behind it. In clear weather you can even see the skyline of Downtown Dubai with the 828 meter high Burj Khalifa.

The balloon flight takes 10 minutes. There is a mandatory safety briefing before the flight and boarding and getting in and out also takes time. The entire experience will take longer than 10 minutes. There is also a good chance that you will have to wait in row due to the popularity of the attraction.

Dubai Ballon at Atlantis

Copyright image: The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis

Tickets Dubai Balloon at Atlantis

Would you also like to take a hot air balloon ride in the Dubai Balloon? You can choose from three types of tickets, all tickets give you access to the balloon and a 10-minute flight above the Palm Jumeirah island. Tickets for the Dubai Balloon can be booked at the GetYourGuide website.

Children under the age of three can travel for free with a paying adult, but the age of a child under the age of three must be proven by means of an ID. Unfortunately, there is no discount for guests of Atlantis The Palm, visitors of Aquaventure or the Atlantis The Royal hotel. Pregnant women are not allowed on a Dubai Balloon flight for safety and health reasons.

Regular ticket
The standard ticket costs 175 dirham (+/-48 US Dollar) for adults and children from 12 years old. A ticket for children between 3 and 11 years old costs 75 dirham (+/-20 US Dollar). Regular tickets for the Dubai Balloon can be booked on this website.

Fast Pass ticket
Don’t feel like waiting in line for the Dubai Balloon? Then you can buy a Fast Pass that allows you to skip the line and take a balloon flight straight away. After the 10-minute balloon ride you can enjoy a free drink in the lounge. The Fast pass costs 275 dirham (+/-75 US Dollar) for adults and children from 12 years old. A ticket for children between 3 and 11 years old costs 125 dirham (+/-34 US Dollar). Children under the age of three travel for free with a paying adult. Fast pass tickets for the Dubai Balloon can be booked on this website.

Private flight
Do you want a truly unique and unforgettable experience? Then you can book a private flight in the balloon. Ideal for a birthday party, a romantic date, a company party or if you want to propose to your partner. Such a private flight with the Dubai Ballon at Atlantis is pricey, the price of exclusive use of the balloon costs 5,500 dirhams per flight, equivalent to around 1,498 US Dollar.

Clothing tips for the Dubai Balloon

Lucky, Dubai has sunny weather almost all year round and temperatures above 20 degrees, but it is still advisable to prepare well in terms of clothing choice if you go on a balloon flight with the Dubai Balloon. Because you are going to a height of 300 meters where the temperature is lower than on the ground, it is advisable to take a jacket with you. Then you can be sure that you won’t get too cold during the flight. In the winter months from October to April, with November to January being the coldest, it may be wise to wear long trousers for the flight on colder days. It is not recommended to wear high heels during a Dubai Balloon flight.

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It is allowed to board the balloon wearing respectable swimwear. This is very useful if you decide to take a trip with the Dubai Balloon during a day at Aquaventure. Large bags, trolleys and suitcases are not allowed on board the balloon flight, but normal backpacks and handbags are allowed.

The Dubai Balloon is accessible for wheelchairs and strollers. However, it is mandatory that the wheelchair or stroller has a solid brake so that it cannot move during the flight. You don’t have to worry about the size of your wheelchair. If it does not fit in the basket of the balloon, there are smaller wheelchairs available on site that you can use. The staff can assist you with getting in and out of the balloon.

Copyright image: The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis

How to get to the Dubai Balloon?

The Dubai Balloon At Atlantis can be found on the beach of the Aquaventure water park on the Palm Jumeirah island. It is right next to the Atlantis The Palm hotel and close to the Poseidon Watchtower. If you are a guest at the Atlantis The Palm hotel or are spending a day at the Aquaventure water park, you can reach the Dubai Balloon entrance via the Atlantis hotel via The Avenues.

Are you not a guest at one of the Atlantis hotel or the Aquaventure water park? Then you can travel to the taxi drop at The Avenues. From there you will be accompanied by a Dubai Balloon staff member to the entrance of the Dubai Balloon.

You can also travel to the Dubai Balloon on the Palm Jumeirah monorail. From the monorail station you can walk to The Avenues via Atlantis. Are you coming with your own transport? Then you can park in the Aquaventure Waterpark parking lot. From here a shuttle bus runs to the entrance of the Dubai Balloon.

Dubai Balloon opening hours

The Dubai Balloon is open daily from 9am to 7pm when weather conditions are good. Opening hours may have changed, so always check the Dubai Balloon website for the most current opening hours.

Since the Dubai Balloon reaches a height of 300 meters during flight, the weather has a major influence on the behavior of the balloon. Depending on the weather, the balloon may or may not go up or the balloon may only fly at a limited height. The status of the weather is continuously monitored by an experienced team to ensure the safety of visitors. As a result, the Dubai Balloon may be temporarily closed or not go up all day.

On this page you can view the current status of the weather and you can immediately see from the color codes whether the Dubai Balloon is open or not. If the circle is green it means that the Dubai Balloon is going up, orange means that the flights are on standby and the balloon cannot go up due to the weather. Even though it is sunny, strong winds can blow at a height of 300 meters, which is dangerous for the balloon and the passengers.


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