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The Dubai Mall is home to the largest aquarium in the world, the Dubai Aquarium. This enormous aquarium has over ten million liters of water and has a size of 32 meters by 8 meters. Because of these enormous dimensions, the 75-centimeter thick glass window of the aquarium is officially the largest glass panel in the world. The aquarium houses more than 33,000 thousand aquatic animals. Over 300 sharks en rays live in this aquarium, and have the largest collection of sand tiger sharks in the world. The aquarium is home of thousands of giant fishes and enormous schools of the most diverse fish species.

Although the Dubai Aquarium is part of the Underwater Zoo, it is not necessarily to buy a ticket to see the largest aquarium in the world. The largest part of the aquarium is located in the public area of ​​the Dubai Mall. This part can therefore be viewed for free from a distance of about two meters. That is actually more than enough to view the fish, sharks and rays in the aquarium.

If you would like to see the aquarium closer or if you want to walk through the tunnel in the aquarium you will need a ticket for the Underwater Zoo.

Underwater Zoo in the Dubai Mall

The Underwater Zoo

Next to the Dubai Aquarium is the Underwater Zoo, an underwater zoo with a large number of aquariums. In the Underwater Zoo you will find dozens of aquariums containing thousands of fish, including a large school of piranhas. You can also find otters, crocodiles, seahorses, jellyfish, starfish, octopuses, crabs and even penguins in the Underwater Zoo.

The Underwater Zoo is fun for both young and old and and a visit to the Underwater Zoo will cost you about an hour. Do you have children? Than a visit will probably cost you 1,5 hour. In the Underwater Zoo lives King Croc, a 750 kilos heavy and more than 5 meters long crocodile. This crocodile is one of the longest and heaviest crocodiles that ever lived in captivity. King Croc is taken over from Australia because the crocodile caused a lot of inconvenience in a lake.

If you are looking for adrenaline you can take a dip in the aquarium to swim among the many sharks and rays. These activities are not cheap, for only snorkeling you pay 161 dollars, diving in a cage in the aquarium itself costs 184 dollar.

The Underwater Zoo Dubai in the Dubai Mall

Tickets Dubai Aquarium & Underwater Zoo

If you buy a ticket for the Underwater Zoo you also get access to the Aquarium Tunnel. The tunnel runs through the largest aquarium in the world and gives you a very special extra experience. From this tunnel you have a beautiful view of the more than 30,000 fish that live in the largest aquarium in the world. The costs for the combo ticket (Underwater Zoo and Aquarium Tunnel) for adults and children over 3 years are 33 dollars. Tickets can be ordered in advance at the website. This prevents you from having to wait at the ticket desk.

Do you also want to visit the Burj Khalifa? Then you can book a combo ticket with a discount on this website. The mentioned prices can changed, for the current admission prices please refer to the website of the ticket seller.




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