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When you think about Dubai, you don’t automatically think of a diving destination. Yet it’s possible to dive in the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman in Dubai and the Dubai area. Especially in the Gulf of Oman near the emirate of Fujairah there are large coral reefs where many different marine animals live. Humpback dolphins, sea cows, turtles, Indian porpoises and whales live in the waters of the Gulf of Oman.

But also in the Persian Gulf, the sea off the coast of Dubai, you can find coral reefs where a fish and marine life live. In the Persian Gulf, for example, you will find the largest population of sea cows in the world. In addition to the manatee, the sea turtle is also regularly seen in the waters of Dubai. Wild dolphins are regularly spotted off the coast of Abu Dhabi, especially at Saadiyat Island.

Do you prefer snorkeling in Dubai? That is also possible in Dubai and Fujairah. For all information about snorkeling in the United Arab Emirates, check out our Snorkeling in Dubai page.

Artificial coral reefs in Dubai

Off the coasts of Dubai and Fujairah they are busy creating a number of artificial coral reefs to give nature a helping hand. In Dubai there is a large artificial coral reef around the islands of The World and the government is also investing heavily in the cultivation of new coral reefs to set off in the coast of Dubai.

The largest artificial coral reef in the world is being constructed off the coast of Fujairah. Not only to attract more diving tourists, also with a view to nature conservation to prevent certain animal species. They want to prevent them from becoming extinct due to the disappearance of coral reefs as the oceans become warmer. Due to the warming of the oceans, more and more coral reefs are being affected by bleaching, diseases and acidification, as a result of which the coral grows slower or even dies.

Diving in Fujairah from Dubai

Diving in Dubai

Do you want to discover the ocean in Dubai with diving? In Dubai there are several diving schools where you can do a single dive or get your PADI diving certificate. There are also various diving trips to book online for the beginners and the experienced divers. Below we have listed the best diving trips in Dubai for you.

From Dubai you can book diving trips where you will be taken to the emirate of Fujairah to make a diving trip from there. This emirate is part of the United Arab Emirates and is a short two-hour drive from Dubai. Fujairah is a popular place for diving thanks to its location on the Gulf of Oman, the northwestern part of the Arabian Sea. The Gulf of Oman is known for its beautiful diving and snorkeling spots and its colorful marine life. In Fujairah, the Dibba Rock, Martini Rock, Snoopy Island and Inchcape 1 and 2 are particularly popular diving sites.

Please note that the mentioned prices for the diving trips can have been changed. for the current admission prices please refer to the website of the ticket seller.

Discovery Scuba diving in Dubai

During this 2-hour activity you will discover the wonders of diving in the ocean. This is a great opportunity for inexperienced divers to experience what it is like to breathe underwater and admire fish in their natural habitat. The dive takes place on the beach of Palm Jumeirah (gathering location is at the Dukes The Palm hotel)

During the dive you go diving with an experienced scuba instructor for a maximum of 45 minutes. The scuba instructors will guide you step by step, providing safety and equipment briefings, as well as basic and practical demonstrations when in the water. During the dive you descend to a minimum depth of 5 meters and a maximum depth of 12 meters.

Your instructor can make a photo underwater of your dive and post it on Facebook for free. The costs for this diving trip in Dubai are 105 US Dollars per person (12 years and older). Included your diving equipment and instructions. You can easily book online this Discovery scuba diving tour in Dubai at the GetYourGuide website.

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Diving in the Golf of Oman

Dive trip to Fujairah from Dubai

Get to know diving during this introductory diving course where you get the chance to see the beautiful underwater world of the Gulf of Oman. During this trip to Fujairah you will be picked up at your hotel in Dubai. After a journey of circa two hours you will arrive in Fujairah where you will board a boat. You then sail to the dive spot and receive an introduction from your certified instructor and a theory course on board.

After the intro it is time to go into the water with the instructor and you will get a dive training at a depth of circa 2 or 3 meters. When you have mastered diving, it is time to really descend into the water to a maximum depth of 10 meters. Here you can explore the beautiful reef and admire the schools of fish in up close. After the dive you can enjoy a BBQ on board the boat before you return to the port and the return trip to Dubai will begin.

The full-day diving trip to Fujairah costs 160 US Dollars per person (12 years and older) Included all diving equipment, unlimited soft drinks, water, underwater photos, BBQ, hotel pickup and drop-off. For this trip you have to take your original passport whit you. You can easily book this tour at the GetYourGuide website.

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Shipwreck Diving Experience in Fujairah

During this diving trip to the Fujairah emirate, you will dive at two different locations in Fujairah, including one at a spectacular shipwreck. You dive with 2 tanks on your back and go on an adventure in the water of the Gulf of Oman with a certified PADI dive master. Your guide will take you to less-visited dive spots, such as Dibba Rock, Inchcape 1, Inchcape 2, Hole in the Wall or Sharm Rock. Both the locations where you will be diving are known for the clear water and an abundance of extremely soft corals which are surrounded by a variety of marine life.

The diving trip in Fujairah from Dubai costs 160 US Dollar per person and you can easily book online at the GetYourGuide website. Included in the tour are 2 tanks and weights, professional guide, unlimited soft drinks and water, underwater photos and transportation. Diving equipment you can rent on site. Please note that you must have at least a PADI Open Water Diver certification to participate in this dive trip to Fujairah and for this trip you have to take your passport whit you.

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PADI Basic diving certification in Dubai

Always wanted to get your PADI diving license, this is your chance! In Dubai you can get the basic certification in two course days. If you successfully complete this course you are qualified to dive with a diving buddy to a depth of 12 meters. This course is ideal for anyone who wants to get his or her PADI in a short time.

The course starts with an e-learning process that you can already complete at home so that you can immediately start the practical lessons on arrival in Dubai. The PADI basic course is given on Jumeirah Beach and during the course you dive to a depth of up to 12 meters. The course consists of 6 separate dives in the sea of Dubai with 4 taking place on the first day and 2 on the last day of the course.

The costs for the two-day PADI open water course are 352,50 US Dollars per person. The minimum age to participate in the course is 10 years. Look on the getyourguide website what is included for this certificate. The basic PADI diving course can be booked in advance at the website of GetYourGuide.

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PADI Open Water diving certification in Dubai

Get your PADI diving license in Dubai during this three-day course. During the course you will learn all the skills to become a certified diver.

The course starts with an online learning program that you can complete at home. After successful completion of the online course it is time to go into the water for the dive training. You start in shallow water where you will learn the intricacies of diving under the guidance of the experienced instructor. After this it is time for the deep water where you go a maximum of 18 meters deep.

The PADI open water course consists of 9 separate dives in the sea of Dubai with 5 taking place in shallow water and 4 in deep water. The costs for the three-day PADI open water course are 455 US Dollars per person. The minimum age to participate in the course is 10 years. For more information look on the getyourguide website and on the website you can reserve the PADI diving course in advance.

Click here to book this PADI Open Water diving certification

Snorkeling with sharks in The Atlantis hotel in Dubai
Copyright image: Atlantis the Palm / Kerzner communications

Indoor diving in Dubai

If you prefer not to dive in the ocean, it is also possible to make an indoor dive in Dubai. In the huge Dubai Aquarium which can be found in the Dubai Mall, you can take a dive under supervision and admire the thousands of fish and sharks in the aquarium up close. Here you can choose from various types of diving activities including the Shark Encounter, get a PADI diploma, discover Scuba Dive or Shark Walker.

The prices for Shark Encounter start at 630 dirham (171,50 US Dollars) per person, the Shark Walker can be booked from 620 dirham (169 US Dollars) and the discover scuba dive program costs 907.50 dirham (247 US Dollars). Are you afraid of the sharks in the aquarium? You can also dive into a cage that prevents the sharks from getting close. Cage snorkelling prices start at 370 dirham (100 US Dollars) More information about diving at the Dubai Aquarium can be found on the Dubai Aquarium website

Next to diving in the Dubai Aquarium, it is also possible to dive in the gigantic Ambassador Lagoon aquarium of The Atlantis hotel. This hotel and his aquarium can be found on the famous Palm Jumeirah island off the coast of Dubai.

We all know the traditional diving masks, but the Dubai Aquarium and Atlantis also have special diving helmets with which you can dive into the aquarium. Unlike the normal diving mask, these special diving helmets that look like an astronaut helmet allow you to breathe freely while under water. Ideal for people who have difficulty breathing through a mouthpiece.

The Atlantis can offer you some unique adventures with the marine animals. You can get up close and personal with the marine animals that call the ruins of Atlantis home. There are a range of activities for everyone. So you can join the ultimate snorkel, aqua trek, aqua trek by night, predator dive, dive discovery of the dive explorer adventure.

And at Atlantis it is also possible to dive with dolphins in the adjacent Aqua venture water park. A dive with dolphins takes 30 minutes and you also have access to the Aqua venture water park all day. The prices for diving with dolphins in Dubai start at 1450 dirham (395 US Dollars) per person. Would you prefer to only swim with dolphins? That is also possible in Aqua venture, look for more information on the page swimming with dolphins in Dubai

The mentioned prices may have changed, for the current admission prices please refer to the website of the ticket seller. Please note that the US Dollar Prices depend on the exchange rate. More information about diving in the Atlantis hotel aquarium can be found on the Atlantis website.


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