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Camel Museum Dubai

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Camels are directly linked to Dubai and the desert. Long before the United Arab Emirates were formed, the local population used camels for daily transport. Next to the transport, the local population also received milk, wool and meat from the camels. Partly because of this, the animal has become one of the most famous animals in the region. It is therefore not surprising that there is a special museum in Dubai where the camel is central.

The Camel Museum was built in the 40s of the last century and was owned by the former sheikh of Dubai and his family. The Camel Museum is located in the old part of the city, near the Dubai Creek and next to the Horse Museum which is also owned by the ruling Dubai family. Before the building became a museum, it was known as the Rekab Hous (House of the Camels) and was primarily used as a shed for the sheikh’s camels. Beside that this location also used for training the camels and horses.

In the Camel museum in Dubai you will find a wealth of information about:
The use of camels on the Arabian Peninsula.
The relationship between humans and the camel.
The competitions with camels.
The anatomy of the camel and fun facts about camels.

Opening hours Camel Museum

The Camel Museum in Dubai is open from Sunday to Thursday from 8 a.m. to 2 p.m. The museum is closed on Friday and Saturday. Admission to the museum is free.


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