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Black Palace Beach / Al Sufouh Beach

The Black Palace Beach is one of the secrets of Dubai due to the hidden location of the beach. The beach, which is also known as Palace Beach, Hidden Beach, Secret Beach and Al Sufouh Beach is located between the royal palaces at Al Soufouh. The beach owes a part of its names to the hidden location and the accessibility via a narrow sandy path that runs between the palaces. Despite the fact that the beach is known as Secret beach, it can be quite crowded here especially during the weekends and the holiday periods. Not as crowded as on the beach at JBR or La Mer, but more like the Mercato Beach.

If you want to visit this beach you have to take into account that there are almost no facilities on the beach. There are no shops or restaurants where you can get something to eat or drink. There are also no locker rooms, toilets or rental of umbrellas or sunbeds.

From Black Palace Beach you have a magnificent view of Palm Jumeirah, the famous Burj al Arab and the hotels of Madinat Jumeirah. Especially during the sunset, the Black Palace Beach is the ideal location for enjoying panoramic views of the sunset in Dubai.

Black Palace Beach in Dubai

Where can I the Black Palace Beach in Dubai?

Al Sufouh Beach is located between Burj al Arab and Palm Jumeirah Island. You can find the beach of Black Palace Beach if you drive south over Al Sufouh Road to JBR / Dubai Media City / Dubai Marina. At one point you pass, at the Al Sufouh Park, a number of palaces which lie on the coast. Immediately after these palaces is a large piece of land where you can find the entrance to Palace Beach. Here you can also drive almost to the coastline by car and park your car just a few meters from the beach.

Beach rules

If you lie on the beach of Dubai there are some rules that you should keep to. For example, it is forbidden to walk or lie on the beach topless or naked. After sunset it is forbidden to swim in the sea. Also taking pictures of people on the beach is forbidden. Overview photos are often not a problem, but photographing people and women in particular is not allowed.

In terms of clothing, the beach does not differ much from that of a beach in Italy or Spain. You see women with small bikinis or bathing suits and men with short and long swimming shorts. The only difference is that in Dubai you also see women with burkini’s on the beach. Keep in mind that in Dubai it is not appreciated if you walk around with your beachwear outside the beach. Beachwear is only meant for the beach. Do you want to visit the boulevard, visit a store or go somewhere to eat at a restaurant? Then put on a dress or a pair of pants and a shirt.

Beaches in Dubai

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